Landing at Cornerstone (post 4/9)

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So, there was the nine-year-business and four failed attempts at being an employee. Now what? Fortunately, this last job change came while I still had the current one. I was still with ServiceMaster and got a random text message from an acquaintance named Mike. “Hey, how’s the ServiceMaster thing going? Do you ever keep your eyes open for other opportunities?” I had no idea what to think of this. I’ve been through every kind of multi-level marketing approach you could ever imagine and this certainly sounded like one of those. And I was done with those.

But again, my curiosity got the best of me and I responded in the affirmative. Mike was the son of John and Joanne, whom I had known – still mostly as acquaintances – through the Warner Theater in Torrington. They had both performed in countless musicals that I had drummed for through the years. They were folks I would say hello to in passing, but that was about it. They had, however, recently climbed a few rungs in our life because Sybil and I credit Joanne with our having met. Joanne was in Oklahoma! with Sybil and was the one who encouraged her to come to the bar after closing night, where I had introduced myself. So, someone who had long been an acquaintance turned into someone who certainly had a special place in our hearts. Anyway, I barely knew their son, Mike, who is a few years younger than me.

He went on to describe this job that he had been doing for about 8 years and worked in a small office with his father, who had done this for his entire working life. He said he was looking for some help; someone who was good with people, a good communicator and I think he even called me a “genuinely good guy.” That was about all he knew about me. To this day, I have no idea how they landed on me. Perhaps it was a simple discussion Sybil had with Joanne at some point, indicating that I was having trouble finding a good fit for work. At any rate, an interview was set with Mike’s bosses.

This has come to be one of the biggest blessings in my life. The interview went very well and I was hired. I was finally on a salary. Almost my entire working life was based at least in part on commission, and I came to realize how much stress that caused in my life. I still believe in business ownership and I can’t say that I might never go back to some sort of sales, but this, for me, at this point in my life, was a complete Godsend. Security, reliability and predictability for my family was a huge blessing.


Cornerstone Energy Services, Inc. is a large company that provides many services to the public utility sector. Our office’s charge is mainly as real estate consultants. Companies like United Illuminating and Eversource will hire us to help them acquire easements, rights of way and access roads to their transmission and gas line projects. This, as I said, has been a perfect fit for me. I love the research end of it, the client communication, and especially, the map reading. If you can’t tell, I do like to write and take pride in my communication skills. And here, I don’t have to sell anything! Such a relief and breath of fresh air. I spend my time communicating with landowners, banks and the utility companies, carrying out the projects they hire us to help them with. What’s more, is that I often get to work from home, since so much of my job is simply phone and email communication. When I do get to go out on the road, it might be to visit a city hall to perform landowner research, or even hike through the woods now and then to get eyes on access roads that the construction crews will need to perform their upgrades and new installations. I couldn’t be happier.

Employment Satisfaction…Finally

Absolutely amazing how a little job security and satisfaction, and the rekindling of my faith in God can bring those endorphins back into play in my head! I was finally coming home after a fulfilling day of work, and embracing the warmth of my beloved boys and the wife who waited a long time for me to come back to her…the way she really knew me. I am ecstatic about the state of my emotions right now and the promise of a new day, each and every day, with new opportunities and chances to show those you love how important they are.


Sadness Lingers

Do I still cry once in a while? Of course. I’ve been through a lot this year and when I think of the enormity of if and how deep the despair was before I was brought back to the surface, sometimes the emotions overcome me. Thankfully, though, I can report that most of my tears these days are definitely happy tears. I am so grateful for the life I have that I never waste the chance to thank God for his grace and patience with me. He was there at every turn and always trying to point out the blessings that were ever-present in my life. When they were hard to notice, He forced me to recognize them enough to keep my wits about me and keep me moving in the right direction.

There is HOPE around every corner. In my life; in your life. When you don’t see it, just keep looking. If you’re serious about being healthy and being an inspiration for someone else, you’ll find it. And like I always say, when it’s nowhere else to be found, it can be found in the Bible. Go there, live in its pages, and you will find the strength you need to take one more step, one more leap of faith, and if you fall again, Jesus is there to rescue you…no questions asked. He will reach out His hand…just take it and follow Him.

Please say tuned for post 5 of 9.

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One thought on “Landing at Cornerstone (post 4/9)

  1. Tyson, I too, shed tears of joy for you and your new career. Continued blessings to you and your beautiful family. Love, Marilyn


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