About Me


My name is Tyson Chamberlin – no, I won’t bite your ear off and am not an heir to the Tyson Chicken fortune. I get that a lot. I am, however, grateful for the unique name my parents gave me. It was nothing that meant anything…they just liked it and went with it. I’ve enjoyed it.

I have a beautiful wife, Sybil, and two wonderful sons, Noah Alexander and Elliott Francis. They are 4 and 1, respectively. They are the reason I do everything I do and strive to be the best person and example I can be. I often fall short, as most of us do, but it’s nice to have a bar set high enough to be worth reaching for.

Sybil is a saint. She is a high school math teacher and dedicates countless hours of energy to molding young minds, as unreceptive as they can often be. Then, it is home every evening to feed our kids, bathe them and get them to bed. I help, but she’s the magic.

Noah is a smart, witty and fantastically handsome four year old who loves to rhyme and has great rhythm. His dance moves are impeccable and they call him John Travolta at preschool. He is kind and compassionate and loves being a big brother.

Elliott has an infectious smile and stunningly beautiful bright blue eyes. Lots of hair, which Mommy refuses to cut and he’s about to start walking. For now, he pushes the “lawnmower” around and gets into every crevice he can find. Sound like some kids you know? We are so much more alike than we are different…a realization that is so obvious as you grow older.

I started this blog because a thought in the back of my head has forever whispered, “you should write a book.” I suppose a lot of people have that thought and very few of us follow through with it. That’s okay. For a book, you need a concise theme to carry you through hundreds of pages and somehow make it unique, fresh and new at the same time. That’s not easy. A blog, I figured, was an acceptable outlet to spit out random thoughts that don’t necessarily all go together, but nonetheless, can maybe reach an audience that can be positively affected by their sentiments. So that’s my intent. I hope it reaches your heart in some way, shape or form for the better.


I’m a Warrior…I guess?